Weeds can be a terrible drain on your garden’s resources. And using regular weedicides can be a bad idea too –they really are dangerous chemicals. But are natural weed control methods actually effective?

There’s a saying that gardeners like to pass around – it’s something about how once you let the weeds in your garden set in long enough to spread their seeds about, you’d better be willing to live with them for the next five years.

If you think that it’s hard getting rid of the weeds in your garden, you have no idea what it can be like when you have weed seeds around. They are impossible to find even when there in plain sight, and they’ll just germinate the moment they have a little light, heat and water.

Choosing natural weed control methods doesn’t mean that you have to live with an ineffective way to deal with the problem. If you’re growing a vegetable garden for instance, sometimes, natural weed control methods may be the only choice. Let’s take a look.

 A great way to get rid of your weeds would be to let them show up first before you actually plant the good plants. How do you make sure that they will germinate really soon so that you can get rid of them and get on with the task at hand? Well, you could turn the soil nicely and water the soil as if there were good plants there to take care of. The weed seeds in your soil will be overjoyed and they will germinate right away. That’ll be your cue – you can hurry up and uproot every last one of them.

Applying mulch to your garden, you know, can be a great way to keep your soil healthy and full of the nutrients that your plants need. Inorganic mulch the other hand, can be a great way to kill off weeds. How, you asking? You need to take up black plastic and apply it around the base of the good plants. This way, there won’t be any sunshine coming through, and the weeds will be able to grow.

And finally, the way you plant your good plants can make a lot of difference. If you could create raised beds for your good plants and plant all of them in closely spaced rows, again, they’re going to completely cover up the soil below. Any weeds trying to get through will have no sunshine to go on.

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